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Postcode Cleaners is a unique online cleaning service set up by Company Owner Jamie Parry. Jamie has many years experience in the cleaning industry and has always had a vision of creating a simple and easy to use cleaning platform for customers to book cleaners across the UK in one simple and easy to use online service.

Jamie has a wealth of experience after founding and transforming our Partner Company Performance Cleaning Limited into one of the leading professional cleaning companies on the South Coast.

It is this experience of providing such a high standard of cleaning for his customers which has given Jamie the idea of creating a Postcode Cleaners website to offer a full range of cleaning services to customers across the UK.

The goal of Postcode Cleaners also comes from a Jamie’s personal background. Jamie wasn’t very academic at school and in turn was constantly written off by many teachers growing up as not having much of a future. This lead to Jamie falling out of education and following a different path to achieving success and Jamie would like the example of Postcode Cleaners to prove that even if people put obstacles in your way you can still overcome these and build a future for yourself. Jamie would like to use his experience to help other people in similar circumstances by giving them the opportunity of joining the Postcode Cleaners team.

Becoming a Postcode Cleaner will give you the chance to build and establish a secure and rewarding career, the responsibility to manage your own cleaning round, provide you with the security of a stream of ongoing cleaning jobs, ensuring you have the perfect career to strike a healthy work/ life balance and provide you with endless potential to develop in the future. We offer Cleaners joining Postcode Cleaners an Online Cleaning Booking System to easily manage their cleaning bookings and we offer a full support service including help with accountancy and insurance throughout your career journey with Postcodes Cleaning.

At Postcode Cleaners we offer a full range of Professional Cleaning Services available to book through our simple easy to use online platform including Domestic Cleaning, One of Cleans, Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. To find the perfect Cleaning Service for you book your clean today!

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